QC/HSE Statement

At JAAN we observe the highest commitment to customersatisfaction through outstanding quality and timely delivery.

Compliance with local and relevant International Quality Standards is imperative for every project to be successful. To ensure the highest level of Quality Assurance, wereview recognized industry organizations’ latest publications of standards, statutory pronouncements and requirements, and continuously update our practices accordingly to fit with every specific customer project requirement.

JAAN’s Quality Assurance Policy is communicated to, and must beunderstood by, all members of staff through our comprehensive Quality Assurance Training System.

It is a requirement that all staff adheres to our establishedstandard operating procedures on Quality and Safety Policies, and observes the practices at all times.

Our staff is continuous updatedand trained on new technology as and when it changes. This is to ensure that work practices are not falling short of quality expectations and standards.

All employees adhere to health and safety regulations while carrying out their daily work.